Friday, February 4, 2011

Wonder Eggs

 I had always thought that I didn't like eggs.

So when I traded some of my goat milk for some homegrown eggs, I was extremely surprised to find that....

They were delicious!!

Yesterday, some devious little creature took over me, and I decided to take pictures of the difference, and try to explain the difference between store bought eggs, and the "wonder eggs" that I tried.

On the left is a white store bought egg, on the right is the homegrown.

The store bought had an extremely thin shell that broke into pieces when I cracked it open, whereas the brown egg has such a firm shell that I had to give a few extra taps on the counter edge just to get it open!

Here's the difference when on a plate. I really should have done all of this a lot sooner, as the homegrown egg is about a week old in these pictures. But then, so is the store bought egg, so maybe they're even now.
The homegrown egg was an extremely vibrant orange color, while the store bought was more of a canary yellow.

Here's height difference. The homegrown yolk stood very high even after being a week old. The store bought egg.... Didn't. I tried picking up each yolk, and it worked perfectly with the homegrown; the white came up with it and I was able to handle it without it getting messed up. I couldn't pick up the store bought egg at all.

Then I scrambled each egg separately to see how they cooked up. The store bought egg seemed pretty anemic and weak the whole way through, whereas the homegrown cooked up quickly and retained it's lovely orange hue.

Then came the taste test.... I took a bite of the store bought egg first, and was reminded why I have never liked eggs. The taste was a little flat, and it felt slimy on my tongue, I'm not sure how to describe the aftertaste.
The homegrown egg caught me by surprise. I've had chickens of my own in the past, so I thought I knew what a real egg tasted like. But this one was different. It was packed with flavor. and had a very nice texture to it. I was hooked.

But I'm not a very picky eater, so it didn't seem right that I should have the only say in this. So I hunted down the pickiest creature on our property: Our barn cat.
He may be a mighty hunter, but he never eats anything he catches. He snubs our offerings of meat that we give him, and is all around hard to please.

After finding him, I plunked down the plate of eggs in front of him. One side had the store bought and the other side had the home grown. Rowan (barn cat) sniffed the store bought egg and recoiled in his usual way of showing disgust, then began to walk away. He stopped when he smelled the homegrown egg; he gingerly sniffed it, then pounced on it and ate the entire thing, I'm not making this up! I was so surprised at first that I completely forgot to take any pictures until the very end. So here is the one and only picture I got of the mighty hunter eating his prey.

I have learned a lot from the people who traded me the eggs. They write a fun, informative blog in which they share their secrets to producing such fabulous eggs. Feel free to check it out, HERE.


Springbrook said...

It's been a long time since I've even seen the inside of a store bought egg! Pretty big difference, they are neat pictures!

Mennagerie Farm said...

Thanks! :D

Melissa said...

One word....YUM!!! Homegrown eggs are the best!!! Your blog post has made me very hungry...dinner is almost done cooking but I'm ready for an egg now!

Den Mother said...

Rowan eating is the true test! I'm already sold on homegrown eggs, but it's always nice to see one's opinions confirmed! Now I need to find a way to get fresh eggs and fresh goat's milk to the monsters I'm in charge of feeding!