Friday, March 11, 2011

Feeding Time At The Zoo

I've started giving the chickens soup for lunch, which basically means any kind of grain I can find, some alfalfa pellets and some kitchen scraps all thrown into a pot and covered with boiling water. Yesterday, they had a warm broth of alfalfa, oats, barley, brown rice, lentils, linseed, and powdered milk.

And they loved it!

Normally, feeding time erupts into a mad, scrambling, squawking mess as the hens all fight for the food, but with the soup, it's calmed into a quiet, peaceful chore. 

For their breakfast this morning, I gave them some alfalfa mash. To make it, I just soaked some alfalfa pellets in water over night and voila! Instant breakfast! The pellets swell to roughly three times their original size, which means that it doesn't take much. I tried soaking 5 cups of pellets, and ended up with 16-17 cups of mash the next morning; way too much!! From now on, I will only soak 2-3 cups per day. 

The hens all seem really content on their new diet, and I am happy to have them off of the commercial chicken  feed, which is expensive and causes health problems.

Why not try giving your chickens some soup today?


Fuji said...

Bravo! So glad to see this, those chickens do look kinda calm.

You will notice that they seem a little more alert, eating this way.

Krista M.V. said...

Those are beautiful birds! What are they? Hee, hee! That's what our chickens eat a lot. ;)

Mennagerie Farm said...

Hey there Krista! They are all Delawares. This was our first year to try the breed out, and so far I am really pleased with them!

Josh V. said...

Beautiful birds. I want those in the future. Do you find they lay well?

Mennagerie Farm said...

Ours aren't laying yet; they should start in a couple weeks though... I've heard that they are pretty good layers, but I guess we'll find out!