Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Mennagerie Farm Giveaway!

Now! Onto happier subjects other than head bonking and CNG people! (referring to the post below)

Mennagerie Farm is hosting a giveaway!!

And the prize is....?

A lovely collection of Heirloom seeds, just in time for planting season!

This collection will have a generous variety of seeds that would be sufficient for a medium sized garden and will range from extremely rare seeds, to not-so-rare, to just-plain-beautiful varieties! (pictures do not show exact varieties that will be in the collection)

To enter, just leave a comment below, and just for fun, tell what your favorite veggie is!

The final drawing will take place on March 12th, so save the date!


Hannah Cooksey said...

My favorite veggie... tomatoes??? That is a hard decision. :)
Your pictures are beautiful. Caity!

Kathy Cooksey said...

Caitie, I think you are a very nice young lady!
I like cooked broccoli.

mj haskins said...

there is nothing like peas fresh off the vine..mmmmmmm

mj haskins

Anonymous said...

Hi I prefer beans , but also am begging to like sweat potatoes. Next years project. This year for me it is pumkins and speckled and purple beans. That is soon as I find them. :O)