Friday, September 30, 2011

Adventure Of The Day

Ahem, the other thought that has been going around my head this past week was the thought of getting rabbits again. I missed my Americans something fierce, and decided to get a couple rabbits and ease my way back into the rabbit world. After some hunting on Craiglist, I found someone who had some Purebred Californians for sale. One buck, and two does. So, I packed three traveling cages into the mini van, and we went to go rabbit hunting today...

 It all seemed so simple on my end of the computer, as I told the gentleman that I was interested in purchasing the buck, and a doe or two. I thought I made myself pretty clear. But upon arriving, and being show some lovely animals, he broke the news: He would only sell me the buck and does if I bought the does babies as well, making quite the whopping price tag that I was not prepared for. So I ended up just buying a junior (2 month old) New Zealand doe, and a Junior (4 month old) Beveren/New Zealand cross buck. The whole way back to the van, the gentleman continued to pressure me into buying his entire herd (14 rabbits total). But I couldn't afford it. We left, and not even five minutes later, he called me on the cell phone and tried once more to convince me to buy all of his rabbits. He wouldn't give in!!

 Finally, after making it quite clear to him that I couldn't afford to buy his herd, he made a deal. $60, and the entire herd was mine. That caught my attention. He tried to get me to buy his cages (for $30 to $50 each! Ow!) but I told him I was only interested in the rabbits. His entire herd consisted of two Senior does, one senior buck, two junior bucks, one junior doe, and 9 babies that were only 3 weeks old.

And I only brought three cages with me. Fun, fun fun.

Feeling a little like Noah and his ark, we somehow managed to get every single one of those rabbits in the van, amidst our Costco groceries and car seats. I thought that poor vehicle was going to burst. But, we made it home, on all four wheels (and it's none the worse for the wear), and now all 14 of my rabbits are resting quietly in their new digs. Hurray!! I'm a rabbit owner again!! :)

So, without further ado, my rabbits:

Here's doe #1, whom I have yet to name. Purebred Californian, with 4 kits (babies).

Her babies... Aren't they the sweetest things!? Their almost as cute as goat kids! ;)

Doe #2. Exactly the same as doe #1, but she facing the other direction! [wink]. She has 5 kits.

This is my junior, New Zealand doe. I have to admit that she's already a favorite. She's very sweet tempered.

And she has big ears... Gotta' love that!

Next up is the senior buck, whom we dubbed "Basil Stag Hare". This fella' is absolutely massive!

But he's a big sweetie. A real, gentle giant. :)

This is junior buck #1. He got named Felix for his cat-like looks and behavior. I like his white nose. :)

Junior buck #2. Solid black and larger than his littermate brother. I haven't named him yet...

So there you have it! I went out to buy two rabbits today, and came home with fourteen. Sheesh. 

But I'm happy.

I've missed having rabbits around.


Christi said...

Wow, that's pretty neat! Isn't it amazing how the Lord provides?!

Brenda said...

That's pretty cool! I really like how you built your rabbit housing. I miss raising rabbits too. Maybe someday ....

Jazkabor said...

That is great! What a lovely sight that heard will make each morning. : )