Friday, September 23, 2011


Heidi's rope halter came in the mail today! Made by a friend, who's website you can view HERE. :)

Heidi seems to like the vibrant yellow and orange colors that she now gets to sport during training sessions. Sure wish I could look that good in yellows and oranges... ;)

Another bit of today's news, is that I'm eyeing a nice, albeit used, cart for Heidi to pull!! Not sure if I'll get it, but if I do, it'll probably happen sometime next week. [big smile]


Autumn said...

I like it! Did she throw a fit when you put it on, or did she not fuss?

Goat Song said...

The first time I put it on, she did throw a tantrum!! She's a very opinionated gal! ;) But after a few more times, and playing some games with her, she calmed down and now accepts it.