Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Off The Shelves

Well, after the 123rd order for a knitted goat, I figured I should probably take them off my Etsy shelves for awhile... Oh goodness, I have to make 123 goats. But, there is a bright side!! That number is tentative, so I may only have to make 73! ;) 

To date, I have made a total of -- um -- 12 goats. [sheepish look]

I usually try to do a new blog post every day, but what with this tall order, I may be a little sporadic for a time. twenty three of those goats have to be finished before Christmas, so that's what I'm working on right now. The other 50 to 100 don't have to be finished until next June, so there's time. There's time...

The goats WILL be put back onto the shelves though! So worry not, if you had your heart set on getting one (or two, or twenty). hopefully by January they'll be back in the shop, along with some other farmyard friends such as a knitted horse, sheep, chicken, pig, and a dog. :) Maybe I should splurge and buy myself a pair of new knitting needles... Hehe.

Any hey, there's only two more days to enter the giveaway contest! I'll announce the winner of Friday afternoon!

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Christi said...

Wow! I'm glad you got so much interest. That's great - I think?!

Happy knitting :)