Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Latest Addition

The knitted goats were getting bored, and wanted some different company other than that of more goats.

So I obligingly made Rosie for them...

Made with baby pink yarn of oh-so-soft cotton, Rosie doesn't fail to bring a smile around here. :)

 Yep, we got ourselves a pig around here.

Miss Rosie appears to be a purebred Yorkshire gilt (Yorkshire is a breed; 'gilt' is a term for a young female hog), and true to porcine fashion, she is quite rotund.

I had a few other name ideas for her, but went with Rosie in the end, in honor of Katherine Dunn's adorable Potbellied porker. (click link to be taken to Katherine's blog)

Unlike most pigs though, this Rosie doesn't eat much, which pleases me. I do tend to like the feed efficient types...

The pattern I used was... Interesting. I had bought it so I could make pigs that were to scale with the rest of my barnyard animals, but I found out after buying it that this pig is 6.5" high and 8" long. Way too big!!

But oh well. She's cute. I'll just have to tweak the pattern some, to get the right size.

I did also make a trio of sheep and a Border Collie dog this week, but I had a stroke of forgetfulness and completely forgot to get pictures of them before I shipped them off! Argh!

Next up on my needles are a few horses, and then most like more goats! LOL. I have been tickled pink at all the orders that have been coming in lately! Very nice...


Autumn said...

Aww! The piggie is soooo cute!

Anonymous said...

These are adorable. Where's your goats? What's the title to the post? I'd love to see them.
Mrs. Voorhees

Goat Song said...

Hi Mrs. Voorhees, :)

Here's a link to my Etsy shop that has a few pics of my knitted goats.
I think if you click the "knitting" tag at the bottom of this post, it might take you to my other posts that have the goat pictures.